Mozart, Leopold


Basic data

  1. November 14, 1719 in Augsburg
  2. May 28, 1787 in Salzburg
  3. Violinist, Komponist
  4. Salzburg


Leopold Mozart, about 1765. Portrait in oils attributed to Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni. (Source: Wikimedia)
Anna Maria Pertl Mozart, wife of Leopold (Source: Wikimedia)
W. A. Mozart in 1763 (Source: Wikimedia)
The Mozart family on tour: Leopold, Wolfgang, and Nannerl. Watercolor by Carmontelle, ca. 1763[4] (Source: Wikimedia)
Bölzlschiessen target, Wolfgang and his cousin Maria Anna Thekla Mozart, October 1777 (Source: Wikimedia)
Communal grave no. 84 in the St. Sebastian Cemetery in Salzburg, where Leopold Mozart was buried[34] (Source: Wikimedia)
The first edition of Leopold Mozart's Violinschule included this portrait of the author. Some aspects of violin playing in his day can be seen: the lightweight, concave bow and the absence of any chin rest or shoulder rest. (Source: Wikimedia)
Bildnis des Leopold Motzhard, Jacob Andreas Fridrich - 1730/1770 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Gruppenbildnis von Leopold Mozart, Marianne Mozart und Johann Georg Wolfgang Mozart, Delafosse, Jean Baptiste - 1764 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Mozart, Leopold,  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis Leopold Mozart (1719-1787),  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis Leopold Mozart (1719-1787),  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)

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