Schumann, Robert


Basic data

  1. Schumann, Robert Alexander
  2. June 8, 1810 in Zwickau
  3. July 29, 1856 in Endenich
  4. Komponist, Pianist
  5. Leipzig, Dresden, Düsseldorf


Schumann in 1839 (Source: Wikimedia)
Schumann's birthplace, now the Robert Schumann House, after an anonymous colourised lithograph (Source: Wikimedia)
Schumann c. 1826[12] (Source: Wikimedia)
Opening of Schumann's Op. 1, the Abegg Variations (Source: Wikimedia)
Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik, edited by Schumann from 1835 (Source: Wikimedia)
Clara Wieck in 1832 (Source: Wikimedia)
Medallion commemorating the Schumanns, 1846 (Source: Wikimedia)
Robert and Clara Schumann in 1847, lithograph with a personal dedication (Source: Wikimedia)
Schumann in an 1850 daguerreotype (Source: Wikimedia)
Opening of "Du Ring am meinen Finger" from Frauenliebe und Leben (Source: Wikimedia)
Opening of Schumann's Third Symphony, the Rhenish (Source: Wikimedia)
Cover of Genoveva score (Source: Wikimedia)
Schumann's piano in the museum in the house in which he was born in Zwickau (Source: Wikimedia)
Bildnis des R. Schumann, Moritz Lämmel - 1837/1849 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Robert Schumann, unbekannter Künstler - 1830/1900 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Robert Schumann,  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Robert Schumann, Tobias Bauer -  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)

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