Zweig, Stefan


Basic data

  1. November 28, 1881 in Wien
  2. February 23, 1942 in Petrópolis (Brasilien)
  3. Schriftsteller
  4. Wien, Zürich, Salzburg, London, Bath, Petrópolis


Zweig c. 1912 (Source: Wikimedia)
Stefan Zweig (standing) in Vienna with his brother Alfred (1879–1977), c. 1900 (Source: Wikimedia)
Street named after Zweig in Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro (Source: Wikimedia)
A page from the Black Book (Sonderfahndungsliste G.B., page 231 Z). Zweig is the second-to-last on the page, along with his full London address. (Source: Wikimedia)
Veronal from Bayer in glass tubes with cork caps - 10 tablets probably produced around 1940 (Source: Wikimedia)
Surviving copy of Zweig's novel Amok (1922) burned by Nazis (Source: Wikimedia)
Amok (1922) (Source: Wikimedia)

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