Strawinski, Igor


Basic data

  1. Strawinski, Igor Fjodorowitsch
  2. Stravinsky, Igor Fjodorovitsch; Стравинский, Игорь Фёдорович Alternative Names
  3. June 17, 1882greg. in Oranienbaum, Russland
  4. April 6, 1971 in New York
  5. Komponist, Dirigent, Pianist
  6. Paris, New York


Stravinsky c. 1930 (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky c. 1930 (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky's house in Ustilug, now a museum (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky in 1903, age 21 (Source: Wikimedia)
Sergei Diaghilev (Source: Wikimedia)
Group of supporters and members of the Ballets Russes in 1911 (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky as drawn by Picasso in 1920 (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky's second wife, Vera de Bosset (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky on the cover of Time in 1948 (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky's grave on San Michele Island (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky and Rimsky-Korsakov (seated together on the left) in 1908 (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky in the 1920s (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky with Wilhelm Furtwängler, German conductor and composer. (Source: Wikimedia)
A costume sketch by Léon Bakst for The Firebird (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky and Pablo Picasso collaborated on Pulcinella in 1920. Picasso took the opportunity to make several sketches of the composer. (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky conducting in 1965 (Source: Wikimedia)
Portrait of Stravinsky (1918) by Robert Delaunay, in the Garman Ryan Collection (Source: Wikimedia)
Stravinsky with Mstislav Rostropovich in Moscow in September 1962 (Source: Wikimedia)
(Source: Wikimedia)
(Source: Wikimedia)
Strawinski, Igor (Quelle: Münchner Stadtmuseum)

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