Mozart, Constanze


Basic data

  1. Weber, Maria Constanze Cäcilia Josepha Johanna Aloisia Birth Name
  2. Nissen, Constanze Married Name
  3. January 5, 1762 in Zell im Wiesental
  4. March 6, 1842 in Salzburg
  5. Sängerin
  6. Wien, Kopenhagen, Salzburg


Portrait by Joseph Lange c.1782 (Source: Wikimedia)
Constanze in 1802, portrait by Hans Hansen (Source: Wikimedia)
Tombstone of Constanze Mozart, cemetery of Sebastian Church, Salzburg (Source: Wikimedia)
1840 daguerreotype reportedly showing Constanze Mozart (see text for serious doubts), front on the far left, two years before her death; Bavarian composer Max Keller [de] is seated center front and to his left is his wife, Josefa; from left to right in rear are the family cook, Philip Lattner (Keller's brother in law), and Keller's daughters, Luise and Josefa; the image was first brought to scholarly attention in 1958.[22] (Source: Wikimedia)

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