Schweitzer, Albert


Basic data

  1. January 14, 1875 in Kaysersberg bei Colmar
  2. September 4, 1965 in Lambaréné
  3. Arzt, Theologe, Organist, Musikschriftstelller
  4. Straßburg, Lambaréné


Schweitzer in 1955 (Source: Wikimedia)
Statue of Albert Schweitzer in Strasbourg (Source: Wikimedia)
Albert Schweitzer's birthplace in Kaysersberg, now in Alsace in France (Source: Wikimedia)
Schweitzer in 1912. Oil on canvas painting by Émile Schneider (Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) (Source: Wikimedia)
The Choir Organ at St Thomas' Church, Strasbourg, designed in 1905 on principles defined by Schweitzer (Source: Wikimedia)
Saint-Nicolas, Strasbourg (Source: Wikimedia)
The cover of Albert Schweitzer's The Mysticism of Paul the Apostle (Source: Wikimedia)
The catchment area of the Ogooué River occupies most of Gabon. Lambaréné is marked centre left. (Source: Wikimedia)
Schweitzer in 1955 (Source: Wikimedia)
The Schweitzer house and Museum at Königsfeld in the Black Forest (Source: Wikimedia)
Albert Schweitzer's house at Gunsbach, now a museum and archive (Source: Wikimedia)
Albert Schweitzer Memorial and Museum in Weimar (1984) (Source: Wikimedia)
Albert Schweitzer Monument in Wagga Wagga, Australia (Source: Wikimedia)
Schweitzer's grave in Lambaréné, marked by a cross he made himself (Source: Wikimedia)
Gunsbach parish church, where the later recordings were made (Source: Wikimedia)

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