da Ponte, Lorenzo


Basic data

  1. Lesbonio Pegasio Pen Names
  2. Conegliano, Emanuele Alternative Names
  3. March 10, 1749 in Ceneda
  4. August 17, 1838 in New York
  5. Dichter, Librettist
  6. Venedig, Wien, New York


Engraving by Michele Pekenino after Nathaniel Rogers (c. 1822) (Source: Wikimedia)
Republic of Venice, birthplace of Lorenzo Da Ponte (Source: Wikimedia)
Painting of Venice, Italy, circa 1735, by artist Canaletto (Source: Wikimedia)
Mozart's portrait, Da Ponte wrote numbers of his libretti, including The Marriage of Figaro (Source: Wikimedia)
Casanova's portrait, was placed under arrest and is featured in Da Ponte's memoirs (Source: Wikimedia)
Portrait by Samuel Morse, Lorenzo Da Ponte, at the New York Yacht Club (Source: Wikimedia)
The Italian Opera House, New-York, Lorenzo Da Ponte company (Source: Wikimedia)
Libretto Don Giovanni, melodramma by Da Ponte and Mozart (Source: Wikimedia)
Da Ponte's statue, Millstätter See, Austria (Source: Wikimedia)

Biographical information from the WeGA

Bedeutender italienischer Librettist; schrieb u. a. die Libretti zu Mozarts Le nozze di Figaro und Don Giovanni.





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