Liebig, Justus von


Basic data

  1. May 12, 1803 in Darmstadt
  2. April 18, 1873 in München
  3. Chemiker
  4. Gießen, München


(Source: Wikimedia)
The young Liebig: 1843 lithograph after an 1821 painting (Liebighaus) (Source: Wikimedia)
Justus von Liebig, by Wilhelm Trautschold, circa 1846 (Source: Wikimedia)
Liebig's laboratory at Giessen, by Wilhelm Trautschold (Source: Wikimedia)
Liebig's laboratory, Chimistes Celebres, Liebig's Extract of Meat Company Trading Card, 1929 (Source: Wikimedia)
Drawing of apparatus from Liebig's Manuel pour l'analyse des substances organiques, 1848, Kaliapparat in lower right (Source: Wikimedia)
Modern reproduction of the Kaliapparat apparatus (Source: Wikimedia)
Modern Liebig condenser (left) and West condenser (right) (Source: Wikimedia)
Liebig laboratory, Giessen (Source: Wikimedia)
Liebig-Museum, the pharmaceutical laboratory, Giessen (Source: Wikimedia)
Liebig's barrel (Source: Wikimedia)
Memorial tradecard commemorating Justus von Liebig, from Liebig's Extract of Meat Company (Source: Wikimedia)
Justus von Liebig statue, Munich, Germany (Source: Wikimedia)
Liebig was president of the Bavarian Academy of Science (Source: Wikimedia)
German stamp picturing Justus von Liebig, 1953 (Source: Wikimedia)
Justus von Liebig grave, Munich, Germany (Source: Wikimedia)
Bildnis des Liebig, Karl Barth - 1831/1850 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis des Justus Freih. von Liebig, Mayerhofer, Theodor - 1874/1880 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis (Johann) Justus Liebig (1845 Frhr. von), Karl Barth -  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Bildnis (Johann) Justus Liebig (1845 Frhr. von), Johann Heinrich Felsing -  (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Justus von Liebig, Carl Engel - 1839 (Quelle: Digitaler Portraitindex)
Liebig, Justus von (Quelle: Münchner Stadtmuseum)
Liebig, Justus von (Quelle: Münchner Stadtmuseum)

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