Konzertanzeige für das Konzert von Carl Maria von Weber in London am 26. Mai 1826


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CARL MARIA VON WEBER’s CONCERT, at the Argyll Rooms, on Friday evening, May 26. CARL MARIA VON WEBER most respectfully announces to the nobility, gentry, and the public, that his CONCERT will take place as above, aided by the great talents of the following eminent performers, all of whom have most kindly promised their powerful assistance. Madame Caradori Allan, Miss H. Cawse, Mr. Braham and Mr. Phillips, will sing in a new (M.S.) Grand Cantata, entitled, the Festival of Peace (first time of performance in this country); the music by Carl Von Weber; the words translated and adapted expressly for this occasion by Hampden Napier, esq. This cantata will form the first part of the concert. The second will consist of a miscellaneous act, in which Miss Stephens, Miss Paton, and Mr. Sapio, with equal kindness, have consented to sing. And also Mr. Moscheles to play extemporaneously on the pianoforte; Mr. Furstenau a new air (from Oberon) with variations for the flute, and Mr. Kiesewetter a fantasia on the violin. The orchestra will be on a grand scale; leaders of the band, for the first part, Mr. F. Cramer; for the second part, Mr. Mori. The chorus will be complete, assisted by the young gentlemen of His Majesty’s Chapel Royal and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Conductor, C. M. Von Weber. Tickets half a guinea each; and bills of the concert (which will commence at half past 8 o’clock) to be had at the principal music shops; and of Mr. Weber, 91, Great Portland-street. Parties of six and upwards can be accommodated with boxes by an early application to Mr. Weber.






Ziegler, Frank; Jakob, Charlene


  • Text Source: The Times, Nr. 12974 (23. Mai 1826), pp. 1, col. 1


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